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Common lighting terms

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Flux: symbol Φ, unit lumen Lm, shows light emitted per second, the sum of the amount of light, that luminous flux
Light intensity: the symbol I, unit candela cd, shows the direction of light in a specific unit solid angle luminous flux emitted by
Illumination: the symbol E, units of lux Lm/m2, shows light irradiation in the object to be the flux per unit area
Brightness: Symbol L, unit of Nepalese off cd/m2, shows the direction of light in a specific unit solid angle per unit area of ​​the Flux
Efficacy: lumens per watt unit Lm / w, shows light energy into electricity to light the ability to send power to represent the flux divided by the
Average life expectancy: unit hours, indicating the number of light bulb refers to the number of damaged 50 percent of the number of hours
Economic life: Units hours, indicating damage to the bulb and taking into account the attenuation of the output beam conditions, the integrated beam output to one specific number of hours. This ratio to 71% for outdoor lighting, indoor lighting such as fluorescent lamps for 80 per cent.
Color: Light emission of light color and black body radiation at a temperature of light hue, while the blackbody temperature is called the color temperature.
Different color temperature light source, light colors are also different, with stable color temperature at 3300K the following atmosphere, warm feeling; color temperature of 3000 - 5000K color temperature for the middle, with refreshing feeling; at 5000K color temperature for more than a cold feeling. Different light sources of different color make the best environment, such as table:
Color temperature and atmosphere of light and color effects
5000K cool (bluish white) cold atmosphere
The middle of 3300-5000K (white) readily atmosphere
<3300K warm (with red and white) stable atmosphere
a. the color temperature and light intensity high color temperature light source, such as the brightness is not high then there is a yin to the people the atmosphere; low color temperature light irradiation, the brightness is too high people will have a hot feeling.
b. Light color contrast in the same space using two large sources of light color, the contrast will be a level effect, the light color contrast is large, the brightness level of access to the same time, the level of available light color.
Light color is the color index to show that it represents an object in light color than the benchmark light (sunlight) lighting, the color deviation can be more fully reflect the characteristics of light color.
Two types of color
Faithful color: correctly show the original color of the material required to use the color rendering index (Ra) of high light, its value is close to 100, the color is best. Color effect: To clearly emphasize specific colors, the performance of the United States can take advantage of additive color of life to enhance the color effect.
Low color temperature light exposure, to make red more vivid;
Using the color temperature light source light, so blue with a cool sense;
High color temperature light exposure, so that the object has the feeling of cold.

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