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LED Lighting

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Electric light Definitions
LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light semiconductor, which is characterized as follows:
 (1) high efficiency
       Accordance with the usual definition of luminous efficiency, LED luminous efficiency is not high (usually 10 ~ 30lm / W, the highest known efficiency of light orange-red LED luminous efficiency can reach 55lm / W), but because of the LED spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, the efficiency can reach 80-90%, while the luminous efficiency of incandescent about its efficiency is only 10-20% of visible light.
 (2) high quality light
        Since there is no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, there is no heat, no radiation, LED lighting is typically green.
 (3), pure light color
       With incandescent full-band spectrum, typical narrow spectrum of the LED, the light emitted is very pure.
 (4) energy consumption
       Single LED power is generally 0.05 ~ 1W, through the cluster approach can be tailored to meet different needs, very little waste. In particular, when colored light is needed, the use of white light through the color filter means to be struggling and wasting energy, while the LED is a unique natural color.
 (5) Long life
       Flux decay to 70% of the nominal life of 100,000 hours, virtually unlimited.
 (6) reliable and durable
       No tungsten wire, glass, and so easily damaged components, the possibility of non-normal retirement is very small, very low maintenance costs.
 (7) The application is flexible
       Small, flat package can be easily developed into short, light products, made ​​of points, lines, various forms of specific applications.
 (8) Security
       Single voltage between roughly 1.5 ~ 5V, current between the 20 ~ 70mA.
 (9) Response time is short
       Suitable for frequent switching and high-frequency operation of the occasion.
 (10) Green
       Recyclable waste, no pollution, unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury components.
 (11) flexible control
       Current can be adjusted by adjusting the light of different color combinations can be color, plus the timing control circuit can achieve a variety of dynamic effects.


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